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Coronavirus Update

Dear Valued Customer,

As your Medical Supply Distributor we wanted to give you an update on the Coronavirus and associated medical product supplies. As you have seen on news and media outlets it appears with speculation we may be headed for a COVID-19 outbreak in the US. The best solutions for prevention are outlined on the CDC.gov website as well as AHCANCAL.org website.


American Health Care Association.

We have posted information on our website (www.grovemedical.com), and through our customer service teams, we have been fulfilling orders on a pro-rata basis. This is based on your previous purchased amounts for Infection control items. We have not sold product to anyone outside of our current customer base. This will not get better before it gets worse. The majority of these items are manufactured in China and while the factories are up and running the production volume has slowed down until the workforce is back to full strength. Once the volume has resumed, it is 15 to 30 days at sea for cargo tankers to deliver product to our ports.

We feel the availability of some items will evaporate before replenishment can support the US volume again. We will do everything possible to get your residents and patients product. We have heard hospitals will come first for replenishment from our manufacturer partners and the Government. We have also heard from our shipping carriers that if the government declares containment shutdown in specific areas they will not ship product directly into those areas. While this is not great news we want you to be prepared and informed as possible.

We will keep updated information posted on our website as well as keeping our sales team up to speed to better guide you on any changes and information as we learn more.

Thank you for your business and support during this challenging supply interruption.

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Carrier Service Delays Related to COVID-19

Due to COVID-19 ALL carriers are experiencing higher than normal shipping volumes which is leading to delivery delays. All carriers are considered an essential service provider, however, each state has specific mandates on carrier movement and deliveries. Published transit times are no valid longer during this crisis. 1-2 day transit times could easily end up being 3-4 day transit times or freight being held due to state mandates.

Residential Deliveries
If resident is not home and the driver does not feel comfortable leaving the package, the package will be dropped at the resident’s alternate delivery location, ie. Walgreens (FedEx), CVS (UPS), Walmart (FedEx), etc. Driver will leave a note on the door of the location and address to pick up package. Fedex and UPS website will be updated accordingly.

For FedEx package, customers can request packages to be delivered to their local alternate delivery locations such as Walgreens or Walmart. Customer must provide this address to Grove.

FedEx Service Alert
R&L Carrier Service Alerts
Southeastern Freight Service Alerts
USP Service Alerts

The following states have announced “state of emergency,” “stay at home” ordinances or non-essential business closures, state-wide or in designated cities. Expect delivery disruptions and delivery delays throughout the country especially in these states.

It is critical that you notify Grove Medical if you are closed or have reduce hours of operations so that we can help insure that your orders are delivered timely.

If shipments cannot be delivered due to a government ruling and applied restrictions, customers can choose to reroute/return to shipper (current tariffs and charges apply) and/or have the option to pay for short term storage and reattempt delivery on a future date. If the decision is made to store shipments, FedEx will work with the customer to arrange the details per the engagement protocol with a necessary letter of authorization.

Click the Learn More link below to review the FedEx Service Impact letter we received today.

Effective immediately, all LTL carriers have made the decision to allow their delivery driver to make the decision on delivering inside the building or not. If the driver decides he is not comfortable entering the building he has the option to deliver outside. Before delivery in outside, he will get someone to sign the delivery receipt.

If your business is closed or has reduced hours, reduced open work days, please notified your Grove Customer Service Rep when placing your large LTL truck orders. This is critical to the delivery of your LTL order. LTL Carriers are stating that if the business is closed or reduced hours and they are unable to make the delivery for any reason, the freight will be returned to Grove Medical. If your hours or working days are reduced it is critical that you notify Grove Medical so that we can set-up the shipment as an appointment delivery.

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