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Grove Medical’s EDI solutions can meet the needs of any business, small to large, simple to complex. EDI provides many benefits and lowers cost of doing business, through improved supply chain transactions, inventory management, automated workflows, reduced error rates and fewer incurred business administration costs.

Grove leverages the use of EDI offering a full suite of transactions to our customers. The following EDI transactions have been completed and fully tested.

  • 810 Invoice – Send
  • 820 Payment Order / Remittance Advise - Send
  • 840 Request for Quote Receive/Send
  • 843 Response to Request for Quote
  • 850 Purchase Order - Receive
  • 855 Purchase Order Acknowledgement
  • 856 Advance Shipment Notification

What is EDI?
EDI is a form of eCommerce, an acronym for Electronic Data Interchange. It is a standard electronic format for exchanging business data between different companies utilizing networks, such as VAN’s (Value Added Networks) or the internet. EDI has become increasingly important and widespread as a way for companies to buy, sell and trade information. EDI is used for routine business transactions such as purchase orders and invoices.

For More Information
To learn more about EDI and other Grove Medical solutions, please contact Grove Medical IT Manager at 800-269-1405.