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Capturing resident charges has never been easier with our new barcode scanner technology, eliminating the hassles of having to pull barcode stickers while greatly increasing the accuracy of timely and effective billing. Date and time stamps are captured for each resident charge insuring accurate billing.

Advantages of Using Tracer:

1. Flexibility

Need the flexibility to import information into your account package? Our system is designed to maintain, manage and update all types of products and billable services. Export files are customizable to allow data to flow quickly and easily from one system to another. Let us know which account package you are using and we can configure the system to your needs.

2. Save Time and Money

Tracer offers a variety of reporting information including Management Reports to Resident Billing summaries to aid in the tracking of Resident Charges.

3. Online Ordering

Ordering has never been easier with Tracer. System automatically generates a PO on items that have dropped below par levels or use the scanner to build your PO by scanning the item number barcode and quantity barcode for the product you need, then sync the PO to Tracer. Orders transfer electronically to the vendors site.

Opticon Scanner

4. Customizable Export Files

Tracer allow you to export Resident Charges into a format that can easily be imported into your billing software eliminating the need of having to re-key charges.

5. HIPAA Compliant

Tracer meets and exceeds all HIPPA Compliances.

6. Formulary Compliant

With the high cost of health care supplies we understand the importance of having a formulary and Tracer allows you to control the items you purchase.

7. Automated Product and Pricing Updates

With the use of a Web Portal and a Connections Manager, product and pricing information are updated automatically in the Tracer system.

8. Ease of Use

Barcode Scanners and Customizable Exports have made Tracer one of the easiest and most versatile systems on the market.

Just Scan and Sync

Scan. Scan the resident barcode and then the items being charged to the residents.

Sync. Attach the scanner to Trace and click Sync Device.

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Tracer Computer Requirements

Need More Information?

Contact: Brian Snelgrove

Tracer Software and Website Support

Tracer Helpdesk: (866) 675-9541